National Motor Vechicle Title & Acquisition Process by Louis Blow

National title and acquisition process manual was written for the education of the General Public. To utilize the processes available. Often we are guided into systems that on average we are unaware of their existence, for instance small claims court foreclosures bankruptcy Etc. When we encounter these mechanisms it tends to bring a doubt and a shock to us. The same goes with title documentation for the automotive industry.

Most of us are guided through the operation of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in some instances you need a clearer insight for lost titles registrations and vehicle abandonment. This acquisition guide gives you the tools and the keys to Aid in solving title acquirement and/or vehicle possession issues also license plates and registrations. This guide also offers you ways to apply the process in various scenarios, sample processes sample letters and State Farms are also available in this guide. Often we spend thousands of dollars to solve problems that merely cost hundreds of dollars to solve.


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Frequently asked questions

How long does this process take?

Usually 30 to 45 days.

What do I need to start this process?

An accurate vehicle identification number, and a valid reason to aquire a title.

What if the owner decides they want the vehicle?

Then you resolve that issue upon owner contact.

Will the State or bureau grant title?

Yes, unless their is a discrepancy in the filing process.


  • “I had been trying to get a title for my car for over a year. I asked Zion and Associates to help me get a title for my car. They walk me through it step-by-step. After that I had my title within 90 days. Thank you so much.”

    D. Thompson
  • “I had a car in my yard and I just couldn't reach the previous owner to get it moved. I got this process in my hand and went to work I ended up full ownership of that vehicle”

    J. Smith agency
  • “We did Sharp's Automotive use this system and have over the years. And it has worked out very well for us. We have saved a lot of money over the years.”

    C. Sharp Sharps Automotive

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Louis Blow

I started working as a young adult in the automotive industry always working with automobiles, first as a car wash, moving into detailing, clean up and finally repair. With each Niche came different challenges. I discovered this process of filing liens in the year of 1984 challenges I discovered this process of filing liens , and have made a practice of it since . My purpose is to help you save your time and money to resolve your auto documentation issues.

Louis Blow

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